Controlled by Desire


An exploration of ideas in the part of our world where violence and illicit sex are strong negative forces, at times in an ironic and subtle nature.  Such propaganda is at work on us all for most of our lives.  These forces continue to build momentum and work down our tolerance- for better days or worse- that’s the roller coast of life as I recognize it.  These are difficult times we live in.

I see what are known to many as the “seven deadly sins” to be our root failings no matter what religious or political biases one takes- these are the essential negative influences and obstacles to negotiate around.  We’re fighting them off regularly like the currents of a strong sea. Each one of the “sins” leads to and empowers another.

I see our salvation is in the search and practice of truth, love, health, and peace.  Unconditional joy- an absolute satisfaction of life, a goal to reach for and practice while on the road.

I recognize, in my own life as well as other, all the struggles that seemingly must be endured; spiritual, material, physical, mental, etc.  Two of the strongest influences in life I see and have grappled with personally are violence to life and sexual lust.  These aspects of life have had their sway on me in the past and there are times I check my back to see if they’re still lurking.  Well, they lurk in all of our shadows- sometimes we pretend they don’t exist, but pretending doesn’t work any long lasting results.

We’re directed from an early age to fit into these types- to be a laborer and consumer force.  Some of our strongest influences that reach us on a daily basis are those that are most harmful to our minds and souls, but our tolerance for such forces is high and what was once wretched has become more common place.

I’m concentrating on elements that are associated with both men and women, boys and girls, and commenting on how we coexist with each other and the environment.  The ideas span from childhood to adulthood and back and how the objects sustain issues and define characteristics.  I am taking on this effort because the issues are horrible- horrible that this exists in our world at all, but that it creeps in on our innocents as well!

By not participating means we are not adding to the chaos, but it may also mean that we are leaving our brethren and sistren drowning in the flood.  We need to maintain the levies!  We need to work on ourselves, yes, but also with others to work down the assaults.

I am using objects available to me; enhancing, complimenting, and juxtaposing objects in my life or those close to me, and flowing with the development of the ideas.  Using Super Soakers, military grenades and helmets, video game controllers, guns, and masks- anything that gets at the ideas of sex and violence.  I’m offsetting the negativity with symbols of life and joy through inclusion of other elements, colors schemes, and my application techniques for the sake of hope.