Artist Biography

I did much of my physical growing up in the South Jersey/Southeastern Pennsylvania region of the United States. My creative and educational betterment was performed in Oglethorpe‘s Georgia on two separate occasions. My experiences have had me living in a few eastern seaboard cities, their surrounding communities, and accented by frequent visits to various cities across North America and in Western Europe. The urban life contrasted by its immediate suburbs has become a familiar, comfortable, and inspiring setting upon which I feel compelled to share in my paintings.

I seek out striking expressions within nature as well as the man-made; contrasts of light, color, and space, the clashing of the stark and rigid against the soft and inevitable make for great subjects. The suspension of pigment in oil is just the perfect medium for me to express my creativity through. It’s various qualities of drying, layering, mixing, and movement perform to compliment my process and aesthetic. Additional tools may strengthen a concept in its mark making, denying the paints smooth, luscious characteristic. Building the surface on which to paint on from scratch is an important process in making art for me, as it reinforces my connection to the work. The finished produced is that much more mine to claim and offer.

Today I am a full time tattooist, a graphic designer, a screen-printer, while staying true to my first love by continuing to work on easel paintings. I am both cursed and blessed with the curiosity and passion for the creative process and its various muses; always getting my hands into that which may spark my interest, though usually for unique reasons. I find myself bringing these practices closer to each other as they find relations to one another.